Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally Ready

Do you remember me talking about Squishy's sweater a while back?  One I knit him in something like a week so he would have a complimentary sweater for his picture with his baby sister?  Well...I don't believe it ever truly got it's own blog post because it took so long for me to officially finish it up.

I had it knit and ready for pictures in time, yes.  But I didn't have the right buttons and it wasn't blocked (still awfully darn cute in the pictures though!).
It has since been blocked and the more fitting cream buttons have been attached.
The pattern is The Wonder Years and is not a new pattern to you, readers.  It is, in fact, one you've seen a couple times before in the form of the Coffee Bean Cardigan I've made at least twice before.  This is just the more grown-up pattern for older kids.

I chose to limit the striping to the top of the cardigan.  I thought about doing no stripes, and I thought of doing just 2 cream stripes.  But this is a nice in-between balance.
The yarn is Cascade 220 Wool in Winter White and Dark Brown.  I thought this would keep it neutral so that he could wear it with a variety of shirts and pants.  (It's a pretty handsome sweater for church on Sundays!)

I found the buttons at JoAnns and they're just rustic enough to be boy, but not so plain as to be boring.  I don't really care for boring buttons...
This sweater didn't take long because it was rushed.  If I had taken my time, I estimate it probably would have been something like 2 weeks from beginning to end, instead of 6-7 days.

I wish it were superwash wool for easier care, but now that he's a bit older and not spitting up every 5 minutes (like his sister does on occasion), it should last him a long time.

I knit the 3T instead of the 4T...the 4T seemed to be very large.  I think this means that he'll be growing out of this sweater in a somewhat rapid fashion, but I don't mind.  I can always knit him another.


  1. Xander is such a handsome boy now!

  2. I love the white stripes w/that cocoa color! X is so grown up now. Such a cutie pie.