Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You!

Recently I was blessed with a wonderful surprise!

Stefanie, from Knitspiring Odyssey honored me with


The purpose of this award is to share 5 enjoyable blogs with under 200 followers with the blogging world.

Very quickly, I had my own list in my head of who I wanted to nominate!  (Stefanie came to mind immediately, but since she gave me the award, I needed to pick other people.) :)

1     Fairytale Knits:  Raili is so inspiring.  She shares her knitting, crocheting, baking and other activities with her readers.  She’s not afraid to write about her faith and readily shares both her accomplishments and her struggles. 

2     Saucy: I love reading Jill’s blog.  Her knitting is amazing – she can knit a sweater faster than you can blink an eye!  I would love to be able to knit that fast and that well. Many of the things she knits I would love to try myself.  But her blog isn’t limited to knitting, she also writes about her family, her garden, her reading list.  She’s a busy woman!

3     Useful Hands & Heart: On Debby’s blog, you see an obvious love of her family.  She’s always writing about her kids and grandkids and all the things she does for them, as well as how God’s love strengthens and supports her.  Sewing, scrapbooking, knitting and taking care of her grandkids keeps her busy.  She’s an amazing lady.

4     Knitting a Baby: Melissa has been a bit occupied lately, as she recently welcomed her baby girl into the world in July.  Although she hasn’t had the time (a baby takes a lot of work!) to blog as often as she used to, I always find her posts to be enjoyable.  She’s honest and straightforward.  She’s one of the first blogs I started reading consistently . 

5     Lucy’s Arts & Crafts: Lucy lives in China and has an interesting perspective.  Her blog used to mostly encompass her knitting, but has grown to include her love of art and culture.  She frequently talks about differences or traditions in China, which I love to read because I feel like I gain a different perspective myself. 

Congratulations, ladies! 
Pass on the love!


  1. :O) You're welcome and you're so sweet, Rae Lynne!
    Great ppl to pass on to.

  2. Rae, thank you for giving the award. What an honor!