Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chevron Chapeau

It's been ages (again) since I last posted anything here.  If you're here, thanks for being so awesome and checking in now and again. :)

I'll admit that I haven't knit much lately.  The mojo hasn't been there and if I picked up my needles more than twice in one week, that was a lot.  But it seems to be slowly coming back.

I sort of kick-started it last week when I had the pleasure of test-knitting a hat for a friend.  Suzanne (knittingknirvana) of the Knitting Knirvana Video Podcast just released a new hat pattern, Chevron Chapeau.  When she asked for volunteers, I jumped on the bandwagon.

I told Suzanne I'd be happy to knit any of the smaller sizes, knowing I'd be more likely to finish that size in a timely manner for her.  I was selected to knit the "child" size, and I was able to start and finish it in just a few days.

My intention was to knit a hat for Lovebug.   I hadn't knit her anything new in awhile and a child-size hat meant it was something she could grow in to.  My kids have sorta big heads. They don't look overly big, but both my kids are at the top of the growth charts, which translates into needing bigger clothes and accessories than you might originally believe.
Since it's spring and we should be having sunnier weather, I wanted Lovebug's hat to reflect that.  I normally go for darker, richer shades but this time I opted for white and yellow.  I used Cascade 220 Superwash in Winter White (33.5g) and Spud and Chloe Sweater in Pollen (23.5g).  In worsted weight, small hats knit up quick!   You can easily knit this pattern with only a small amount of yarn, no matter the size hat you're knitting up!

I really wanted to take photos outside of Lovebug playing in the yard or at the park or on a walk or something with her new hat, but the weather just isn't cooperating.  We've had dreary, rainy, cloudy days and while that's great for our state, it's not so great for getting that perfect shot outdoors!  So we made do in the entryway with the door open.

Lovebug's hat is big on her, but like I said, I figured it'd work because she has a big head.  I think she looks pretty darn cute, the pattern and the colors really suit springtime.

But I had to put the hat on Squishy and snap some photos so that you could see how nicely it fit a 4-yr-old's head. The hat is comfortably snug and easily covers his ears.

I really like the way the top of the hat comes together and is one of my favorite parts.  Squishy loved the hat so much he tried to tell me this was his hat.  I had to confiscate it from him after the photoshoot.  I promised to make him his own, after he picks out his colors.

Suzanne has designed a wonderfully versatile, fun and easy pattern that could easily become your next go-to pattern for hats.  Definitely check out the pattern page HERE.  And I apologize up front that this is so late in coming but if you buy one soon, you can even take advantage of a coupon code.  Normally the hat will sell for $4, but if you enter coupon code "thankyou" you'll get $1 off.  I think that's pretty great!  The coupon code is valid thru April 13, 2013.

A big thank you to Suzanne for letting me test her pattern and share with all of you!


  1. Oh Rae Lynne, a big thank you to you and your two darling models! I love your color choice and your amazing review! Thank you!!!! :)

  2. Your son has morphed into a little man. Look at that handsome face! And the little miss. She is adorable. I love the white and yellow together!