Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The End of Summer

As it turns out, I'm pretty terrible at blogging lately.  I'd be surprised if anyone ever stops by anymore to check and see if I've updated.  Things get pretty busy at home with a baby and a 3-yr-old and things like blog posts go to the wayside.

We've had a pleasant summer and I've gotten a good amount of knitting done.  I also enjoyed some other crafts with Squishy - he's a helper and loves to be involved.

Lovebug has started crawling (although she's been rolling all over the floor and pulling herself up and walking along the furniture for much longer than she's known how to crawl) and it's kind of nice.  I know I'll end up eating my words later when she's getting into everything and won't sit still.  But now it means she can get herself from Point A to Point B by herself (unless she's not feeling it and cries to be picked up).

This also means that I have more hands-free time for knitting.

There are a few projects I'll be sharing in the near future.  I've added a few things to my list of accomplishments, including stranded knitting (knitting with 2 colors at one time, one color in each hand).  You've seen the socks - which although a bit daunting at first, aren't actually that difficult. :)

So, while I won't make any promises to post every day, I'll try to be more active and share a bit more when I can.

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  1. I still swing in :) If you've blogged, it shows up in Blogger and I click on the new post and go on with my life. It's just how things are.

    I started making a two-color project kind of on a whim. I knew it was going to have stripes but I chose one that has me alternate the colors on the row. It's daunting and obnoxious sometimes but it's turning out really well. Woo-hoo!