Monday, July 2, 2012

Yarn Sock

This will be a fairly quick one today, folks.

Have you ever started working with a ball of yarn that’s so nicely wound up and pretty?  And before you know it, that wound yarn starts looking like yarn barf? 

I don’t know why it happens to me so often.  Perhaps it’s because of the way I stuff my project bags into other bags, throw them around in the car, or leave them sitting out on the couch for the dogs, kids and other people to accidentally (or maybe not) sit on them.  Whatever the cause, by the time my project is finished, I’m ready to rewind my yarn so that I feel a little bit less out of control (hubby would call this my controlling side…lol).

I have been watching Knittin’ On the Fly with Katie (jetgirl1313) for a while now.  One podcast awhile back she mentioned she was knitting a yarn sock.  (That’s not really what she called it, but that’s what I’m calling it.)    She had been gifted something called a “yarn bra?” And then found some patterns on Ravelry that were similar.  I decided to try them out.

So with my Cascade Fixation, a blend of cotton and elastic (interesting, no?) in a very bright red, I cast on for my very own sock.  You can find the pattern by Jennifer Sugarman HERE.  I thought perhaps the elastic in this yarn would make a nice fit for this type of project.

Here’s my completed project.  I’m not sure how well it works yet as I’ve only just started using it.  I tested it out over a larger center-pull ball of yarn (it will only work with center-pull balls of yarn…) and it seemed a little small, so if I were to knit one again, I might be inclined to make it just a tad taller – I think that would solve that issue nicely. 

I’ll keep you informed of what I think, but I’m thinking this will be a nice solution to my problem! :)


  1. I do love a knitted yarn bowl. I have an actual ceramic yarn bowl (from Jennie the Potter) but I think a knitted one would be grand, too :)

  2. Smart idea! The yarn cake always gets tangled up toward the end when it can't keep its shape.